What's Your COR?

Basic needs – like food, clothing, safe housing, and a good night’s sleep, are necessary to reach one's fullest potential. Without these, the ability to learn, form relationships, have confidence, and solve problems becomes infinitely more difficult. Because of your generosity, COR is able to help our students meet their basic needs so they have equal opportunities for success.

In addition to the donation of items, we have multiple opportunities for engagement and involvement at different levels. If interested, email us at [email protected].

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

Recurring In-kind Needs

These are items that we always accept and that our youth always need. Please note that we value high quality donations (i.e. clothes that have never been worn, brand name snacks, etc.). We want the students we serve to have a dignified experience when accepting your support.


“Anyone who does anything to help
a child in his life is a hero.”

- Fred Rogers