Our vision is that every student in Atlanta, no matter their socioeconomic background, has the support and tools needed to overcome structural disadvantages and flourish at school and beyond.

COR offers programming to trauma-impacted students who are marginalized by poverty and race-based educational inequities. Trauma includes homelessness, child maltreatment, domestic violence, and sexual assault or exploitation, and it can impact our youth in many ways, including socially, psychologically, academically, socioeconomically, and physically.

Our approach is unique because our team is located on-site, in the school. This allows us to develop meaningful relationships which are integral to addressing and moving through trauma, creating protective factors, and enhancing student success.


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  • A school-based resource center for students
  • A safe space for de-escalation and early intervention programming, as well as, student interest groups and a hang out and study spot for after-school activities

Prevention Training

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  • Social, Emotional, and Ethical support for students utilizing the SEE Learning curriculum
  • Prevention training for students (e.g. child trafficking and exploitation, intimate partner violence, conflict resolution)
  • Early intervention and behavioral health support for students

CORner Store

  • On-campus store providing free food, clothing, hygiene supplies and resources to students and families every Monday and Wednesday
  • Monthly drive-thru and contactless food distribution open to the public 

"I'm very thankful for you guys giving me a chance. Love you all."

- Zambia, 19 years old

"We're busy decorating our rooms with the HIGHLY appreciated things we have been given by you guys! Thank you!"

- Crystal, 16 years old

"This is the only place I am able to open myself up and talk about things I never did before."

- Destini, 15 years old 

"I really thank you for thinking about my family you have been an angel for my family."

- Andrea, mother

"I learned how to stop letting what people say get to me and now my temper is almost nonexistent."

- Bailey, 16 years old