Our vision is that every student in Atlanta, no matter their socioeconomic background, has the support and tools needed to overcome structural disadvantages and flourish at school and beyond.

COR offers programming to trauma-impacted students who are marginalized by poverty and race-based educational inequities. Trauma includes homelessness, child maltreatment, domestic violence, and sexual assault or exploitation, and it can impact our youth in many ways, including socially, psychologically, academically, socioeconomically, and physically.

Our approach is unique because our team is located on-site, in the school. This allows us to develop meaningful relationships which are integral to addressing and moving through trauma, creating protective factors, and enhancing student success.

Behavioral Health

  • Provide licensed clinical staff who collaborate with on-site community behavioral health specialists
  • Host student activities such as  expressive arts and writing, trauma-informed yoga, and prevention/early intervention education groups
  • Foster the development of five interrelated cognitive, affective and behavioral social and emotional competencies:
    • self-awareness
    • self-management
    • social awareness
    • relationship skills
    • responsible decision making

Wraparound Care

  • Provide a safe and youth focused drop-in Center for students
  • Maintain an on-site Market with food, clothing, supplies, and laundry facilities
  • Connect students and families to school and community resources and services
  • Serve as student and parent advocates to support academic success
  • Coordinate outings and activities that cultivate out-of-school time learning opportunities


School Support

  • Provide trauma-informed staff support and ongoing relevant training
  • Support administrators in reaching school improvement plan goals
  • Assist staff with student, family, and community assessments
  • Collaborate with on-site community providers to ensure increased access to care
  • Develop strategies to create a protective school community for trauma impacted students

"Thank you so much for helping me stay on track with school and bettering myself."

- Nikeeta, 18 years old

"Thank you for everything that you have helped me accomplish and all the goals that were met.
It made a difference in my life."

- Devashia, 17 years old

"I have a newfound confidence within myself and I thank you for being there when I need someone to talk to."

- Rashawn, 17 years old 

"I appreciate how you love my child like I do."

- Morgan, mother

"I sometimes struggle with insecurities at 17, I'm pretty enough or good enough for anything. But having supportive people to depend on after so long finally helped me make a difference. I am more than grateful for everything."

- Devashia, 17 years old