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"I believe in the COR mission and values and am excited to see their vision come alive at Carver High School. Our students have a myriad of academic issues that are mostly overshadowed by the environmental stressors they show up with every day. It is almost as if COR creates a home for our young people."

- Dawn Parker, School Administrator

The Whole Child Approach

We can uplift an entire community by ensuring youth have a safe, caring, and consistent environment, access to basic needs, and opportunities to grow.

We know that unmet childhood needs are linked to the onset of mental and physical health issues later in life. There is a critical demand for community partners to work alongside the education system to address these issues.

Our unique prevention and early intervention program is embedded in the school to help youth develop coping skills that strengthen their resiliency, positive self-expression, and their ability to make healthy, informed decisions. 

By embedding a whole child approach into the school, COR will:

  • Eliminate non-academic barriers to school success
  • Enhance student self-efficacy 
  • Reduce risky behaviors
  • Increase school engagement and achievement
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