What's Our COR?

Reshaping and Redefining Futures - Even Ours - Starts Here.

The root of the word courage is COR, which is the Latin word for heart. And for us, courage and heart encapsulate everything we do. Having courage and heart means we envision a realistically optimistic future for our students. We are the guardians of this vision, and protect it from the disbelief of others, including the students themselves. We come to COR with a heart for this work and the belief that we can have an immeasurable impact.


Jennifer Henn
Co-Founder/Executive Director

Jennifer believes strongly in making connections for positive change, especially with and among women looking to make a difference. After earning degrees in Business Administration and Taxation, and a CPA license, Jennifer had a successful career working in the tax departments of Ernst & Young, First Data, and The Coca-Cola Company. She later joined the non-profit world - first as a volunteer and ultimately, as a finance executive. She co-founded COR because after many years in this capacity, she saw an immediate need to address the severe gap in educational opportunities afforded to students across varying schools and neighborhoods in Atlanta.





Jennifer Greenlee, LCSW
Co-Founder / Chief Program Officer

Jennifer is dedicated to uplifting communities, eliminating barriers to services, and working with youth to realize their full potential. She is committed to prevention, cultural awareness, and serving trauma-impacted populations. She spent the last decade developing school-based mentoring programs serving homeless and unaccompanied youth - reaching hundreds of youth in 11 Fulton County High Schools. She's spoken nationally to share the impact of this model and to encourage other nonprofits to develop similar programs. She co-founded COR so she could bring her enthusiastic and unique brand of social work, child welfare, and social justice to the most in-need students in Atlanta.





Tonya Winters
Family and Community Engagement Specialist / Forest Cove Relocation Advocate

Known as "The Bridge Builder " Tonya has worked to build capacity with organizations to develop innovative strategies to engage community based organizations, schools, and families to diversify the way we engage families and communities. Tonya believes that all educational stakeholders can learn from each other as they work to mitigate issues and challenges they face in meeting the many needs of children. Tonya has a specific focus on engagement and resource development as a means to diversify the way we engage families and communities; to help enrich programming and build capacity. 

Tonya Winters has worked in Education for over 20 years as a classroom educator, parent liaison, and district support for Family and Community Engagement. Her work with community and family engagement began in the classroom, and spans 14 years. Tonya currently serves as a mentor, education liaison, and small business owner in the Atlanta area. She is a graduate of Clark Atlanta University where she majored in Mass Media Communications. She is a Mom, a Mentor, and a Motivator!



Justine Harrison
Development Officer

As a high school teacher in underserved schools for almost a decade, Justine has had a front row seat to the myriad challenges faced by students and families historically excluded from education systems. She also experienced the many barriers teachers and schools face when attempting to advocate on behalf of families.

When Justine started working with COR holding Resiliency Group in her 9th grade classroom at Carver STEAM, she saw the way COR truly wraps their arms around our students and families to support the whole child in their educational journey! When Justine left the classroom last year to take care of her new baby boy, she didn't realize her next calling would bring her back to school in a different capacity. She is so excited to spread COR's message and help raise funds as the new Development Officer making sure the amazing work can continue to grow!





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